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EPABX is a system that connects telephone extensions of a company to outside public telephone network as well as to mobile networks. An IP PBX phone system (Internet protocol Private branch exchange) is a EPABX that provides audio, video, and instant messaging communication through the TCP/IP protocol stacks for its internal network and interconnects its internal network with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for telephony communication. (Panasonic service provider in gurgaon, Panasonic system repair in gurgaon And panasonic epabx service in gurgaon).

EPABX systems are a unique offering that eliminates delays caused due to wire-line feasibility check & permissions. EPABX is an abbreviation that stands for electronic private automatic branch exchange. It is an office equipment of immense use for telephone connectivity with extensions of a single phone line. EPABX system is an impressive business solution to meet the office needs of internal communication.

EPABX system solutions are provided by office equipment suppliers who shall enable the service is an organization set up. Now a days many business uses epabx. Its have standard features like call forward, call transfer, speed dialing, automatic call accounting. Epabx system is portable and can be carried to any room of your choice. In addition to this, they come at affordable rates which make them a hit with residential clients.

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